The sky is my sanctuary

Thursday, June 22, 2006

To Clear Unwanted Doubts...

Now of days, a similar case have been happening to alot of people and i'm here to announce and maybe provide my own opinion and advice. Lately we have guys going after gals, normal right? But the catch... they say they want to consider... instead it slowly turns from consideration to ignore, and to all the gals out there, no offence but it is a very lousy and childish way of avoiding the topic!
Come on, we are all grown up! Stop all this hide and seek game! Be in our shoes and understand it takes alot and alot of courage to say a simple " i like you". Being a guy, in our life we admires certain gals whether physically or mentally. It's not wrong right?! If you do not like us, just say "no". Don't play hide and scar and leave our heart to bleed to death.
I myself have cases like this happen, and i admit, it is not a pleasent feeling. So on the stands for all the guys, please do not be a small child and ignore and see us suffer, instead tell us face to face, yes or no.
For man to respect woman, we have to treat each of us fairly equally. No offence but this has been like an "eperdemic" lately, so i hope i can bring this topic to the public. I'm not a sexist. I'm just a person who wants everyone to be treated with respect.
If this keeps on, even i may not want to have a girlfriend and at the end stay single forever...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The begginning

In my whole life, I've been searching for who i am. The world where i really belong and the life that i lead. Hi, I'm Jeremy Teo. Age 17. Born in the year of the dragon.
I shall start of my very first entry with the main trouble i always have. Btw, i feel comfortable sharing my troubles. It maybe is a way to soothe myself. As i was saying, the main trouble i'd always think every night - Why i can't find the right love i deserve. In my life, i had 3 girlfriends. All 3 i loved so very much but it ended the way i did not want it to be. After every relationship, i look back. Think what went wrong, and learn to correct it. Right now i'm currently single and the feeling i have now is horrible.
I'm a man who believe true love exist. I believe in romance and for that 1 second i'm not with any gf, I feel terrible. Many may think desperate? I'm not desperate, but i'm like Man and oxygen, love is essential.
Sometimes I do not get it... I live by my principals. No smoking, drinking ( dranked a little already >.< ), fighting, being too vulgar, chiongster keep going club, gambling and being unfaithful.I may not look like a handsome charming guy, but i live by characters and so on. Isn't that what gal's want? Character? I think not. They all go for looks... haix.. recently i've been said by a gal. Being fat, big head, big butt? It may be partially true, but i do have my dignity u know?
Do i have to live my life in shame of my physical appearance? No i won't live in shame. Either people accept it or not. I just hope one day, i find the perfect gal. One who treats me with respect, like me for who i am and be faithful forever. Bleah, i shouldn't place my hopes too high either. I've been disappointed quite a number of times. That's all for now. Hope anybody who comes read my blog will comment it ^^.